The other day I made a post on my LinkedIn about a recent EPO Board of Appeal decision that deals with the enablement requirement for AI-related patents. The post got a surprising amount of traction, so I made a video with some more detailed thoughts on the topic . At the end of the video I share my ideas on how to provide an enabling disclosure of an AI invention without revealing the previous training data. Hope you enjoy it:


I’ve been a computer buff and a hobby programmer, studied computer science, worked in the automotive industry. Realized that I’m fascinated by technology, but less of a tinkerer myself. Became a patent attorney. Quickly became a partner in the firm where I was trained. Realized that my personality manifests itself better in a specialist career. Now working as a counsel in the firm, where I enjoy building high-quality patent portfolios for my clients.

Bastian Best

My Ikigai is to identify the inventive principle within a digital innovation and to test the boundaries of software patentability using my expert knowledge. People also tell me they enjoy it when I share my insights both online and in talks, lectures and seminars.

I’m an early riser and a morning runner. A strategic thinker and a quick decision maker. I like clarity. I dislike wasting my time. I was born and still live in Munich, Germany. Turned 40 last year. Happily married, two boys (7 and 3).


This talk I gave at an IP conference in St. Petersburg (Russia) last year pretty nicely reflects how I approach and explain complex topics. I believe the trick to a great presentation is to focus less on delivering the facts, but more on teaching practical skills and enabling my audience to understand the “why” behind things:


Strategies for protecting innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning — 30-minutes talk at the 5th International Conference on Intellectual Property Protection, Moscow (RU), 8-9 October 2020

Strategy for patenting innovations and IT solutions abroad — 2-hours workshop at the 5th International Conference on Intellectual Property Protection, Moscow (RU), 8-9 October 2020

Digital patents: claim drafting — full-day seminar organized by FORUM, Amsterdam/Leiden (NL), 22 October 2020


EUROPEANSOFTWAREPATENTS.COM — My team at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG and I run Our mission is to provide the busy software patent enthusiast with concise summaries of virtually all EPO Board of Appeal decisions that concern computer-implemented inventions. We post a new entry every Tuesday (yes, software patents are really my passion!).

SOFTWARE PATENTS WORLDWIDE — I’m in charge of the chapter on software patents in Germany in the book Software Patents Worldwide. According to the publishers, it’s “the only resource providing expert insights and how-to guidance on drafting patent claims in the world’s key markets” . If you’d like a copy, just ask.

DAILY PATENT TIPS — I post a short practical thought about patents every workday on LinkedIn. Topics include best practices, typical misconceptions, news, and of course my absolute passion: the patentability of software and digital innovations.

PERSONAL GROWTH AND PRODUCTIVITY — I’m documenting my personal journey towards my best self on Instagram. Topics include getting up early, doing a morning run almost every day, reflecting on my goals, my tips on productivity, self-awareness and habit formation, and the occasional food picture.


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