AI and the future of work

What will happen when (weak) AI has automated all routine work?

Option A: Being freed from the tedious and less sophisticated parts of work, we will happily take on the more challenging tasks, and will also find fulfillment in other things than paid work. Basically a liberation from the annoying part of labor à la Frithjof Bergmann and Frederic Laloux.

Option B: All that’s left for us to do are mentally very challenging tasks, problem cases, customer complaints, missed deadlines, liability cases. Burnout rates will skyrocket and we will wish back the old days where one could mentally recharge during the less complex tasks of one’s workday (more of a Gunter Dück‘ian dystopia).

What’s your forecast? And which human skills will be required to create a desirable future?

Photo by Andrew Leu on Unsplash

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