#myweek 04/2020

Happy Friday everyone, here’s what happened in #myweek:

I’ve been invited to give a workshop on patent filing strategies at an IP conference in St. Petersburg (Russia) in May. This is my second speaking invitation in 2020 already, so please keep them coming ;)

Other than that, it was a pretty normal workweek with lots of patent prosecution work (authentication hardware tokens, data recovery techniques, telecommunication protocols, cryptocurrency platforms). I also drafted a new patent application about IoT cloud connectivity for industrial controllers.

Next week will be all about patent litigation. There’s a court hearing coming up which needs to be prepared, and a large brief to be drafted in another case.

Motto for the week ahead:

Old keys can’t unlock new doors.

(I don’t know who said this, let me know if you know)

How was your week? And what are you up to?

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