Productivity hack (for patent professionals) #1

Some folks asked me to share some of my productivity hacks, so here’s one of them:

At the end of each workday, I select the exact tasks I want/need to work on tomorrow. I put them in my calendar (yes, I really make appointments with myself). I make sure that everything I will need is directly in reach.

This involves things like:

  • Putting the paper file on my desk if I’ll work in the office
  • Downloading the files I’ll need from our document management system if I’ll be working from home
  • Putting that booking number directly into my calendar appointment so that I can check-in for my flight right-away
  • Putting the text for that scheduled social media post directly into my calendar appointment (having a clear structure for time sinks like social media is probably a topic for another hack)

You see, the overall goal is to minimize “ramp-up time” in everything I do.

Disclaimer: This works for me, but might not work for you obviously, so apply with caution.

Please let me know if this is helpful, and I might share more productivity hacks. Also, please don’t be selfish and share one of your productivity hacks in the comments 😉

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