Don’t sacrifice the important for the urgent (#myweek 08/2020)

My work backlog was just about to get somewhat tense, so this week’s focus was on down-to-earth patent prosecution work. Also, this week I had an unusual amount of unplanned but urgent things coming in, which always bears the risk of sacrificing the important for the urgent (think quadrants 1 and 2 in Stephen Covey’s time management matrix 😉). It was a good stress test for my scheduling and prioritization skills.

Personal takeaway: Plan ahead, but don’t overplan.

This means:

  1. Schedule your week ahead of time to make sure you move forward on your quadrant 2 projects (not (yet) urgent but important), BUT:
  2. Reserve an empty time block every day to take account of quadrant 1 things (urgent and important).
  3. Minimize quadrant 3 (urgent but not important) activities to the extent possible, and eliminate quadrant 4 completely (not urgent and not important).

This is actually taken from Stephen Covey’s all time classic “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, which I can highly recommend. I just finished listening to the abridged 3-hour version on Audible and will now start the full book.

I give some more context in my #myweek video on LinkedIn and IGTV in case you’re interested.

How was your week? What are your top time management hacks?

#myweek 07/2020

Happy Friday everyone, here’s what happened in my week:

I attended the (very helpful) “Opposition and Appeal” seminar by epi and the EPO. One highlight was Marcus Müller‘s presentation of the new Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (Mr Müller is the chairman of one of the Boards of Appeal and was part of the drafting group that created the new rules).

The new rules codify the current trajectory of the Boards to make the appeal procedure a judicial review only and not a second substantive instance. For the parties, the new rules mean that the procedure is heavily front-loaded, forcing everyone to file all requests, facts, objections, arguments and evidence as early as possible.

Let me know if this is an interesting topic and I’ll maybe share more.

How was your week? And what are you up to?

#myweek 06/2020

Happy Friday everyone. This week…

  • We had a video shoot at the firm with our video production company – thanks to the highly professional people of Regiepapst. Please follow my firm’s LinkedIn to see the results.
  • My colleague Maggie made her long-awaited return from parental leave and we’re happy to have her back again.
  • I’m working on a new patent application in the FinTech space. The objective is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial networks. Fintech really is an exciting but challenging topic when it comes to patenting, let me know if I should share more on this topic.

Next week I’ll attend the “Opposition and Appeal” seminar by epi and the EPO. Looking forward to Cornelis A.M. Mulder’s and Marcus Müller’s practical tips as well as insights into the new Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal. Say hi if you’re there as well!

How was YOUR week? And what are you up to?

#myweek 05/2020

Happy Friday everyone. This week was a pretty standard work week filled mainly with patent prosecution work.

One highlight: I’ve got my 3rd speaking gig this year. In March, I’ll give a guest lecture on AI and patents in Europe as part of the master of laws in Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law at Leiden University (NL). Many thanks to Ana Ramalho, Sheena Bruce and Veronika Yefremova for the opportunity!

Today is also the last day of January, so I’ll take some time for a monthly review to make sure what I do is in line with my 2020 goals and my broader life vision. You should do that too, right?

How was your week? And what are you up to?

#myweek 04/2020

Happy Friday everyone, here’s what happened in #myweek:

I’ve been invited to give a workshop on patent filing strategies at an IP conference in St. Petersburg (Russia) in May. This is my second speaking invitation in 2020 already, so please keep them coming ;)

Other than that, it was a pretty normal workweek with lots of patent prosecution work (authentication hardware tokens, data recovery techniques, telecommunication protocols, cryptocurrency platforms). I also drafted a new patent application about IoT cloud connectivity for industrial controllers.

Next week will be all about patent litigation. There’s a court hearing coming up which needs to be prepared, and a large brief to be drafted in another case.

Motto for the week ahead:

Old keys can’t unlock new doors.

(I don’t know who said this, let me know if you know)

How was your week? And what are you up to?

#myweek 03/2020

Ok, here’s what happened in #myweek:

✅ Patent prosecution work for inventions relating to computer boot management, data backup&restore techniques, telecommunications protocols.

✅ Sebastian Müller and I have been invited to repeat our lecture “What entrepreneurs need to know about patents” at the CDTM. The lecture is part of CDTM’s Trend Seminar for 25 students of the interdisciplinary study program Technology Management. Thanks to the nice CDTM people Philipp Hulm and Philipp Hofsommer for the invitation.

✅ Had a job interview with a potential patent attorney trainee (yes, we’re hiring!).

On my agenda for next week:

➡ Draft a patent application about cloud connectivity for industrial controllers

➡ First meeting of the social media team in 2020 to boost our online game even more ;)

Motto for the week ahead:

“Opportunity can’t knock on your door if it doesn’t know where you live.”

John Stepper

How was YOUR week?

#myweek 02/2020

I stumbled upon Thomas Tschersich’s #myweek videos on LinkedIn and liked the idea of sharing some interesting work insights on a regular basis. So here’s my first #myweek.

My first workweek in 2020 included:

  • Patent prosecution of telecommunications (5G), IoT and smart home appliance related inventions.
  • Sketching out my goals for 2020 (you did that too, didn’t you?)
  • Reviewing a draft of a patent application about a machine learning invention before first filing in the US, and improving it for the later regional phase at the EPO. Cudos to this farsighted client!

Motto for the coming week:

“Be more concerned with your current trajectory than your current results.”

James Clear

(that’s what the Atomic Habits audio book told me this morning on my run commute to the office)

How was your week?


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